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          Max. Kesme Kapasitesi:   15cm (6”)

          Besleme Tipi                   :    Hidrolik Çekici



AY600 Hakkında - Tıklayın !

The AY600 is capable of chipping 15cm (6 1/4″) diameter round wood. It can handle residue from logging, land clearing, orchards and gardens. The chipper can also handle slabs up to 21cm ( 9″) wide. The material is drawn into the chipper at the speed of 1 to 3 feet per second. The chipper is self-feeding and draws in the material without pushing by the operator. Uniform chips are produced which can be used for burning, animal bedding, landscaping and mulch. The chipper can chip soft and hard woods, green or seasoned..

AY600_125 AY600_128 IMG_114666  

Kullanım Kolaylığı Hakkında - Tıklayın !

The low feeding point ensures effortless feeding of the chipper. The operator can stand with a straight back. The chipper stands by itself on the ground and is easy to hook up or remove from the tractor. The large feed chute takes most unpruned branches, eliminating time-consuming pruning.
Blades_1 IMG_4022 AY600_130

Sağlam Yapısı Hakkında - Tılayın !

The AY600 is the machine for people who have use for a small durable chipper. You know this machine was built to last because of the hefty 530 kg (725 lb.) weight. The heavy cutter disk carries a lot of inertia, which helps the chipper run smoother, is easier on the tractor, and enables bigger pieces to be chipped without stalling the tractor. The quality spherical roller bearings enable the chipper to be used at any PTO speed, up to 2000 RPM.

Güvenlik Düzeyi Hakkında- Tıklayın !

The AY600 chipper does not have any knife motion toward the operator. This reduces the risk of material flying back through the feed chute. The discharge height is 82″ above ground so the discharge is above eye level. To accomplish safe operation in various wind directions, the chipper’s discharge direction is adjustable 360 degrees. The chipper feeds the material smoothly and does not jerk it from the operator’s hands. The knives are also counter sunk into the disk for safety. All LC Series chippers also have a locking mechanism to lock the chipping disk during service and maintenance.

IMG_0527 Hydro_group Handle

Güçlü Üfleme Hakkında -Tıklayın

A heavy duty belt drive transmission allows for quick and productive chipping and is a standard feature on AY600 model. The transmission is geared 2:1. For every one revolution of your tractor pto, the chipping disk spins 2 times. This process minimizes plugging in the discharge chute and allows for a more uniform chip. The chips can be directed in any desired direction as the discharge chute rotates 360 degrees. The chips can be placed near or far by aiming the deflector bonnet.

Volverini_ay600_pic2 ay600_chipper_holzhacksler Volverini_AY600_woodchipper_66

Katlanabilir Besleme Ünitesi - Tıklayın !

The feed chutes of the chipper are on a hinge, so the chute can be folded to the side for access to the anvil and knives. The feed chutes are detachable. One can hook up either feed chute option to an existing machine.  The AY600 has a hydraulic power feed roller which feeds in the material.

Hidrolik Çekicili Besleme - Tıklayın !

The AY600 is a hydraulic power feed chipper. The power feed is useful when whole trees with branches are chipped. The hydraulic feed is controlled from a control bar which runs on top of the feed chute. The operator can select feed, stop and reverse from the control bar. The power feed has one large 10 1/8″ diameter top feed roller. The feed roller climbs on top of the material, and the teeth bite into the material and feed it in.

chips2 chips4 DSC_0175

Kendinden Yağ tanklı Model Hakkında

Tip Disk Tipi Öğütücü / Tek Disk  Disk Tipi Öğütücü / Çift Diskli
Üretim Kapasitesi 5- 15 m3/h  5- 15 m3/h
Maksimum Kesme Çapı (Tomruk) 150mm  150mm
Çıkan Cips Ebatları 10-12-14mm  2.5mm to 14mm
Gerekli Güç (kW) 30-55kW  30-55kW
Gerekli Güç (hP) 40-75hP  40-75hP
PTO Devri 540-1000 Rpm  540-1000 Rpm
Kesici Bıçak Sayısı  2 Ad.  (Opsiyonel 3 veya 4 ad)  Ayarlanabilir 2 ad (opt. 3 veya 4 ad.)  
5V Kayış & Kasnak Mevcut  Mevcut
Sabit (Kör) Bıçak 2 ad. – Ayarlanabilir-  2 ad. – Ayarlanabilir-
Güç Kaynağı Traktör (opsiyonel elektrik motoru)  Traktör (opsiyonel elektrik motoru)
Bağlantı 3 Noktadan  / CAT I & CAT II  3 Noktadan / CAT I & CAT II
Ağırlık 530 kg.  545 kg.
Disk (Rotor) Çapı 660mm  660mm
Disk (Rotor) Ağırlığı 78Kg.  90 Kg.
Üfleme Bacası 360o Dönebilir / Açı Ayarlı  360o Dönebilir / Açı Ayarlı
Rotor Kapağı Açılışı Tek Taraf  Tek Taraf
Besleme Tipi Hidrolik Çekicili  Hidrolik Çekicili
Hidrolik Çekici Merdane 1 Ad.  1 Ad.
Hidrolik Çekici Merdane Hız Ayarı Mevcut  Mevcut
Baca Üfleme Öncesi Ekstra Kırıcı Mevcut  Mevcut
Yan Kırıcı 1 Ad.  1 Ad.
Yay Baskı Ayarı Mevcut  Mevcut
İleri-Geri ve Acil Durdurma Fonk. Mevcut  Mevcut
Katlanabilir Besleme Kovası Mevcut  Mevcut
Katlanabilir Baca ————  ———-
20 Litre Yağ Tankı Opsiyonel  Opsiyonel



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